ORAFOL UPDATE: Expansion High on ORAFOL’s agenda

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ORAFOL UPDATE: Expansion High on ORAFOL’s agenda part one
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Intensive research and development combined with continuous substantial investments have played a central part in ORAFOL International corporate strategic planning. These efforts are reflected in the newly adopted two-year investment program. The first investment stage is well underway. Expansion of an existing building will accommodate a well equipped demonstration area perfect for ORAFOL Wrap Academy classes. Completion of the first phase is expected in December 2010 with the installation of additional machinery and equipment for production of microprismatic reflective films.The next phase may begin as early as the summer of 2010 and will include additional construction and equipment to increase production capacity of special cast films. Within the scope of the two year program are plans for continuous improvement and expansion of single and double-sided industrial tapes; such as a state-of-the art cutting center for industrial tapes.According to Dr. Holger Loclair, Managing Director of ORAFOL “With the 30 million euro investmentprogram adopted by ORAFOL International for the Oranienburg, Germany site over the next two years, wewill further improve our abilities to respond to the continuously developing requirements of our partners inglobal markets and with innovative products to meet the demands of the market”.