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ORAFOL UPDATE: Expansion High on ORAFOL’s agenda part two
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Intensive research and development combined with continuous substantial investments have been a central focus of the corporate policy of ORAFOL Europe GmbH. These efforts are also reflected in the
newly adopted two-year investment programme. In the run-up to the investment programme, the
company had acquired large properties in the immediate neighbourhood of the company’s
The first investment stage which started in March 2010 includes the expansion of the production line for
extruded and special cast products established in 2005.
The extension building will accommodate a well-equipped demonstration centre – a suitable venue for
the vehicle wrapping training sessions offered by ORAFOL as a regular service in the framework of the
ORAFOL Wrapping Academy. It is envisaged to complete this investment stage including the machines and
equipment required in particular for the production of microprismatic reflective films in December 2010.
The construction work progresses and the topping-out ceremony took place on August, 26, 2010.