Rugby World Cup Clean Zones

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Rugby World Cup Clean Zones
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Signmakers need to be aware of the rules surrounding signage and branding on the routes leading to venues being used for Rugby World Cup games as the RWC Clean Zones have now been established.

Passed in 2007, the Major Events Management Act grants and protects exclusive rights to official sponsors of major events in return for their "significant financial contribution". Clean zones, routes and periods are basically a blanket ban on all forms of marketing and advertising when it comes to the RWC2011 and its official sponsors but doesn’t impinge on the legitimate and regular, everyday business of trading entities located on the routes in question.

The penalties for “ambush” marketing under the Act are punitive with fines up to $150,000 prescribed. The Act’s rules will be enforced by a number of agencies, including the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), the International Rugby Board's commercial advisor IMG, and local authorities.


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